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Credit: justMetal
Titanium Jewelry For Guys
By Rob Stahl
From a ring and bracelet to a necklace, check out some of the titanium jewelry that'll make a stylish man out of you.

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Credit: Le Chateau
By Karin Eldor
Don't try to escape the winter chill; let these cool items, from a pinstriped suit to a cashmere sweater, keep you hot all season. More

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Credit: Bvlgari at
Colognes For Every Man
By Rob Stahl
From the classics to the latest, these bottles of cologne offer what you'll need to smell success, whatever the occasion. More


Jackets For Fall 2005
By Karin Eldor
From suave wool peacoats and cool overcoats to distressed leather and hooded parkas, these jackets will complete your fall look. More

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