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Cool Shoes For Fall 2005

Summer has come and gone, and a new year is just around the corner. This means that it's time to usher in a new season -- and one of change, no less -- with some cool and comfortable shoes. Every man should have his classic shoes, but an arsenal of stylish and even avant-garde footwear can make the difference between a fashionable guy and a trendsetter.

Whether you're going to a bar or the boardroom, these shoes will give you the confidence to walk with your head up high... even though everyone else will be looking down at your shoes.

Allen-Edmonds Broadstreet
These sleek wingtips will help add a kick to any formal look; with full leather linings, custom heels and single oak leather soles, these Allen-Edmonds shoes will help you be the life of any party.

When do you wear them?
Slip into these attractive dress shoes for a business dinner or a Saturday night affair. They will make you look like a guy who knows what he wants, but still knows how to have fun and live in the moment.

What do you wear them with?
Your Allen-Edmonds Broadstreet wingtips look sophisticated with a slick black suit, or even a pair of flat-front black chinos or dress pants and a classic collared shirt. Attitude not included.

Mezlan 1281
These Mezlan shoes can serve as a safe option for the office, or as your default "preppy" pair. And don't let their shape or color fool you -- with a detailed stitched design and stylish tan shade, these lace-ups are more than your average pair of classic shoes.

When do you wear them?
Lace up your Mezlan 1281 shoes for an important business meeting or presentation, when you want to be comfortable on your feet (thanks to a cushioned insole and fully leather lining) while striking just the right fashion chord.

What do you wear them with?
Match these refined shoes with an earth-toned suit (with or without pinstripes), or flat-front brown pants and a striped button-down shirt.

Born Airdam
You know how to work hard, but playing hard is also important -- that's why casual loafers/moccasins are essential to any man who likes to go about town. With contrast stitching, a single band accent and a cool overall look, these Born loafers are for the guy who wants to experience a style rebirth.

When do you wear them?
Put on your Born Airdam mocs when you're hitting the martini lounge scene with a hot date. Featuring rubber driver outsoles and padded footbeds, you'll give her a run for her money when it comes to walking around comfortably -- especially if she's wearing stilettos.

What do you wear them with?
These Born Airdam tan-colored loafers will look just right with a pair of distressed denim jeans and a sleek beige or black T-shirt or sweater.

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