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Fashion Tips

Tips To Improve Your Fashion Style
Fashion is a topic that preoccupies men more and more these days. They have realized that looking good is not a department that the ladies have exclusive control over. A sense of fashion is an asset in every aspect of a man's life: business, personal and social.
Fashion denim right fit for men's
Men's denim trendsetters are thinking young to grow business. Within the jeanswear category overall, youthful looks, featuring high-fashion fabrications and finishes, have witnessed dramatic growth relative to core basics.
Quick Fixes To Update Your Winter Look
The holidays came and went, and it's back to work for most of us. If you haven't fled the cold weather since winter started, and don't intend to anytime soon, you might feel like you're in the middle of a rut that could otherwise be remedied with a beach and a game of beach volleyball.
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Dress For A Night Out
By Daniel J. Indiviglio
Setting oneself apart at the club requires a little more than your go-to zip-up. Read on and get to work on that late-night wardrobe. More
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Caps 101
By Alex Muniz
Truckers, Kangols and cowboy hats may all be casual wear, but should still be donned properly. Learn how. More

Your Guide To Leather
By Alex Muniz
From the different types of leather to various matching rules, check out how to look sleek in leather. More

Sweaters For Under $60
By Alex Muniz
Check out what Eddie Bauer, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic offer up in the ways of casual sweaters at reasonable prices. More

Rules Of Layering
Walk down any major fashion avenue in the world this fall and winter, and you'll notice a common trend -- practically everyone is layering. While the guy in London's Soho might be wearing a blazer with a knitted cardigan and a dress shirt, the guy in New York's SoHo could be donning a corduroy blazer over a jean jacket and a long-sleeve T. The bottom line is they're layering, and so should you. The smarter you layer, the smarter you'll look. More

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