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Sweaters For Under $60

Looking for an affordable but stylish sweater? Look no further. We did all the research so you won't have to.

Here are some fashionable sweaters that will give you the most wear for the least buck.

All prices are listed in US dollars.

1. Banana Republic merino wool turtleneck - $60
A turtleneck is generally a more formal sweater; as such, it should be worn with slacks and a blazer of contrasting color. Banana Republic's turtlenecks can be had in black or brown, which are both neutral choices that will allow for a great variety of color combinations.

2. Old Navy V-neck sweater - $25
Along with the crewneck sweater/pullover, the V-neck is one of the most basic sweaters out there. Old Navy stocks a wide array of colorful, inexpensive V-necks.
This is great for you because they are so casual that they allow you to get away with funkier colors, like fuchsia and bright orange. Pairing a V-neck sweater of any color with jeans and a T-shirt will make you look fashionably in command. Or dress up your sweater by pairing it with a lighter-colored, button-down, collared shirt and a pair of slacks. You can also try the Gap's inexpensive collection of argyle-patterned V-necks -- a great look for this season. Argyle has come a long way since its golf days, and it can add a touch of sophistication to any look.

3. Old Navy cable-knit sweater - $30
Cable knit is a thicker type of sweater by virtue of its overlapping vertical stitching. Such robust heaviness usually makes it a touch more expensive than crews and V-necks, but Old Navy often has good deals on less popular colors (pink, yellow and red). If you're confident enough for such a bold color, match it with a collared shirt and khakis or corduroy slacks in black, off-white or dark brown.

4. Gap cotton/wool crewneck sweater - $35
The crewneck sits close to the skin and is relatively thin. The Gap's cotton/wool crewnecks come in six vibrant colors (red, green, brown, maroon, and indigo) and can be paired with black, gray, white or brown jackets, jeans, button-downs, and undershirts. Alternately, Gap sells a lighter 100% cotton ribbed crewneck sweater ($13) that is sheer enough to be worn alone and in warmer weather.

5. Eddie Bauer cotton/cashmere sweater vest - $40
Sweater vests don't exactly scream "hip," but this navy Eddie Bauer cotton/cashmere number is great for the winter, when holiday gatherings and parties demand something a bit more mature than V-necks and crews. It's a rather classic rule of thumb that sweater vests are best worn with khakis, a collared shirt, a tie, and a blazer. Yes, it's the classic prep-school look, but it's also refined and hard to screw up. If you fear the prep, don't hesitate to add a more modern twist to the sweater vest; drop the tie and blazer, and you'll still have a pulled-together look for almost any "mature" occasion.

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