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Fall Jacket Styles For 2005

From the looks of it, the days of keeping it simple and "less is more" are over, at least for the fall 2005 season. As the temperature drops and the amount of layers increases, fall jackets are taking over the market in a huge way. They used to be considered a subtle "shell" to ensure warmth during fall's cooler days, but today's overcoats and jackets are anything but a sideshow -- they're the main event.

With inspiration ranging from military styles to conservative business looks and avant-garde fashion, this article will help you find the fall jacket that'll complete, and even make, your look.

wool peacoat
For starters, you need to go into this fall jacket browsing venture with an open mind and be ready for looks that'll make you stand out in a crowd -- because that's exactly what this Kenneth Cole peacoat has in mind. With a leather trim lapel and cotton pinstripe lining, this black wool peacoat is all about the "look," and you need to have the right attitude while wearing it. Although it's more appropriate for workdays or nights out, it can also be worn on weekends, with jeans and cool lifestyle sneakers.

biker jacket
Having an edge doesn't need to come from within -- with the right threads, you can come off as a guy with attitude. And this distressed leather biker jacket is a great place to start. Not as "bad boy" as a typical black biker jacket, this tan leather jacket from Banana Republic makes more of a fashion statement than a physical one. But it'll definitely help you look like the leader of your pack.

trench coat
You don't need to be a private eye to notice that trench coats have remained a fall staple. The perfect way for any professional to cover up for a day at the office, trench coats are still cool in a classic beige shade, as well as simple black. Whatever the case, you can find a stylish trench coat to complete your 9 to 5 look at most retailers, but stores like Zara and Banana Republic offer fashionable and affordable options, as can be seen in the pictures to the right.

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