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Why Shoe Sizes Are Different All Over The World

If you are like me I am sure you have noticed that there is no regularity in shoe sizes from country to another. In fact in most tennis shoes now you will see a listing of several different sizes relative to particular countries. You may not have thought about it but the reason in many cases is to try to keep people to a certain brand of shoe. With the size difference in countries it is largely due to different systems of measurement so if you are buying shoes that are from another country you want to be sure of the size before you buy them.

If you are unfamiliar with the different sizes you should refer to the international shoe size comparison chart which you can find online. This is a very convenient tool that will show you your shoe size for almost any country. This alleviates any need for worry about buying from other countries online with some of the countries listed being the United States, the U.

K., Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, and Brazil. Another issue that leads to differences in shoe sizes is that in some countries they make many shoes that are custom fit to a particular person's foot because so many people want the extra comfort of the customization. The majority of larger shoe manufacturers as a rule stick as close as they can to standard sizes so they can reach the largest market possible. Still, we will find shoe sizes vary among different brands and styles.

For example, sports training shoes can be a half-size or more different from those of dress shoes. Trying to determine the difference in shoe size with the eye is sometimes difficult, especially when you are trying to compare the difference between a 10 wide or an 11 narrow. For this reason in addition to the shoe making process we need to be aware that it takes many years to acquire the skill and patience to master these abilities.

There are schools that prospective shoe designers attend for four years just to learn the basics of shoe design, many of whom end up going to work as designers for large shoe companies or become designers and start their own shoe design firms. Another thing that causes a difference in shoe sizes is the use of new machines and technology in the shoemaking process. Just beware that if you are buying a pair of shoes that are made in a country other than yours you should expect that the sizes will be different and remember to consult the international shoe size chart I mentioned above to help you choose the size you need. The differences in sizes can be a pain but if you are patient and take your time you can be sure that you find the correct size for your feet.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as shoe accessories at

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