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The Suprising Trend Of The Upper Class And Older Women Who Are Getting Their Belly Pierced

Throughout the wonderful world of tattooing and body piercing, you will see a wide range of individuals sporting a piece of body art that they call their very own. Often, it is the younger generation that has embraced this shout of expression, but there are numerous groups of lesser known participants that you may have never thought of. The piercing craze has extended beyond pop stars and Baywatch babes. Soccer moms of 40, who shuffle the kids to ballet and Brownies are piercing their belly buttons.

There are executives overseeing billion dollar budgets with pierced bellies; virtually every gender, economic and social class has thousands showing off a piece of body jewelry. What you probably don't know is that their numbers are increasing. Although, many of them keep it to themselves and often wait years before they reveal their body jewelry, it doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Unlike other piercing areas, the belly button is one of those things you can easily keep under wraps if you want to. This kind of covertness may not last too long when the warm weather of the springtime and beaming sun during the summer make an appearance. Short shirts and bikini tops soon hit the scene, revealing belly buttons everywhere, as well as the decoration attached to them.

You may be surprised at who will be displaying a bead, stud or loop. I have firsthand experience. Every day, I eat, sleep and shower with kisses one of those surprises.

My wife decided after 15 years of marriage and two children that it was time to reward her flat stomach and newly tanned body with a personal milestone. Thus, the decision to get her belly button pierced was born and done without my knowledge. I must say that it was a welcome, attractive surprise. During the day, my wife, served as president for a well respected accounting firm in Pensacola, Florida. When her workday was over (the one that pays the bills), she transformed into a suburban mother, head of the PTA, in charge of the baseball carpool and avid birdwatcher, whose idea of fun was spotting a rare woodpecker in the backyard. In her spare time, while wondering the streets of Miami, in between a business meeting, she decided to do something a little out of her character.

Upon arriving home, she entered our home a "new, refreshed woman." The reason was a new silver loop with a silver butterfly attached, this declaration was hanging from her navel. She deserved it after successfully losing the unwanted extra pounds from the birth of our second child and she had exercised and ate right for many months to achieve the physique she now adores. The body piercing was a daily reminder of her success in dieting and eating right, as well as a reminder to stay in the shape that makes her proud enough to show off her bare stomach.

This is common amongst many women like my wife, who decide to pierce. The rise in belly piercing among women over the age of 35 is rising. There is no official count, but the proof is in the pudding. Cosmetic surgeons and other doctors have reported remarkable statistics for the demographic, with a substantial increase in the past two years.

It is the latest trend and no, they don't get permission from their husbands beforehand. Why should they? It's a really cool surprise!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as discounted body jewelry at

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