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Tanning Bed Lotion Never Tan Without It

How to get the most of your indoor tanning sessions? Apart from using a high quality salon or home tanning bed, applying a tanning bed lotion is very important. What can a tanning lotion do for your skin and how to select the right one? Why it is so important to use a tanning bed lotion? Tanning beds give you tan the same way the sun does, by exposing your skin to UV rays. Only tanning bed produces light much more powerful than the sun. That means that if you are tanning unprotected you can get bad sunburn. You also put yourself at risk of cancer.

Tanning bed lotions can prevent burning and damage to your skin. And a tanning lotion helps you get more even tan that really glows and stays on your skin longer. Common ingredients in a tanning lotion You can find many different brands of tanning lotions.

Most tanning lotions contain the following important ingredients: - Tyrosine - Vitamin E - Copper - Aloe Vera Tyrosine helps your skin to tan faster and better. It stimulates a skin pigment called melanin, which gives your skin that beautiful golden color. Vitamin E is important to protect your skin from premature aging while tanning. UV rays are the main cause of wrinkles and other skin imperfections, so supplying your skin with Vitamin E is important to keep it healthy.

Some tanning lotions also contain other vitamins and antioxidants Cooper is often added to tanning lotions. It helps to make scars and other small skin blemishes less visible. Many tanning bed lotions include Aloe Vera extract and other natural herbal ingredients. These moisturize your skin while you are tanning and make it feel silky and smooth afterwards. Tanning lotions - two main types Different types of lotions serve different purpose.

Before getting into a tanning bed you should use lotions with tyrosine. They serve as "tan accelerators". After you're finished your tanning session use a different lotion.

These after tan lotions will dehydrate your skin. Look at the label on the lotion; it should say whether you should use it before or after tanning. It is best to have lotions of both types. Selecting the right tanning lotion for your skin Depending on your natural skin color, there are different types of lotion.

They are usually marked as I to V tones. I and II are good for fair skin and for people who doesn't tan much. If you're natural skin is already tanned use III or IV type of lotion. Make sure to read the label on the bottle carefully, before buying a lotion. Using tanning bed lotion is essential for safe indoor tanning. Not only it will protect your skin, but it will give you a better quality, more even tan which lasts for a long time.

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