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Simple guidelines to help you choose the right bra size

You spend so much time following fashion trends. You want to look great in the outfits you buy. I know I do. But aren't you forgetting a big part of the picture? What about what's under all these lovely fashions? That's right, your lingerie. Because if what's underneath isn't right your outfit just won't look right. There is something special about those intimate outfits.

Your bra and panties, those sexy dainty pieces of cloths you have on, that normally no one sees. Your breasts are being supported. The under wire lightly padded bra gives you a D cup size look, that you have always wanted. That G string feels so sexy.

The materials are so sheer, you can't even tell you are wearing them under your outfit. You feel sexy. You know you are looking good. You feel confident.

All those feeling just emanate from your personality. That just makes your outfit look 110% better. How do you get that extra edge in life? You've heard of the saying, "Dress for success." Well here is where you start. Perfect Fit Checklist Let's face it, do we really know what a good fitting bra looks like? What are the signs that a bra is the wrong size? Well, let us help.

Here is a checklist of what to look for. Smooth fitting cups: If you don't fill out the cups, you need a smaller size. If you are "overflowing" in the cups, try a larger cup size or a style with a fuller cup design.

The edges of the cups should also lie flat against your breast. If there is a gap (especially with padded bras), you should go down a cup size. Center panel lays flat against your breast bone: If it does not, this could be a sign that your cup size is too small, or the panel is not large enough to accommodate the separation between your breasts. The bottom of the bra in the front and back is parallel to the floor or slightly lower in the back: The lower edge of the band should anchor below the shoulder blades. The lower the back fits, the better the support.

A finger can be run under the front band: Your bra should be snug, but not too tight. If it's tight, you need a larger band size or a looser hook placement. Still not the perfect fit? Consider an alteration. We alter our clothes for a better fit, why not a bra? One woman in our office really measures to a 35 band size. She therefore buys a 36D and has a dart put in at the sides.

Now that you understand how to fit your bra, you're on your way to looking and feeling GREAT! Have a look at the Tatiana designer bra and pantie sets. You will find a wonderful selection.

I love my intimate apparel. I love shopping, and what better way to shop for lingerie then on the internet. It's easy fast and discrete.

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