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Making Your Statement without Breaking Your Budget with Moissanite Jewelry

We all know that 'diamonds are forever,' but it's also a well known fact that many end up paying for them forever as well. But how do you create the feel of elegance that a diamond gives while on a budget? The answer is moissanite jewelry and it's a secret that has been waiting in the wings for over a century. In 1893 an inventor named Henri Moissan discovered a mineral called silicon carbide but it wasn't until 1995 that moissanite was recognized for its brilliance and a jeweler decided that if cut properly the substance could be almost identical to diamond jewelry.

It's so similar, in fact, that many jewelers have trouble telling the difference between real diamonds and moissanite jewelry. Available in the same cuts as diamonds, the possibilities with moissanite jewelry are endless. From elegant earrings to wear for an evening out to a princess cut engagement ring to present when you're ready to ask the love of your life for her hand in marriage, moissanite jewelry presents a lasting impression. The difference is, it won't break your budget.

How does moissanite jewelry compare to other diamond look-alikes? The most common look-alike, and the only one that could even be considered a competitor, cubic zirconia, is still a little cheaper than moissanite but lacks the luster and brilliance of a piece of moissanite jewelry. Moissanite is also much harder than cubic zirconia., which is very important if the piece is going to be worn frequently or even daily, as would be the case with an engagement ring. Moissanite ranges from near colorless to shades of green. The green can be elegant, but it is important to make sure that the stone you choose is exactly what you are looking for. Make sure the light is optimal when you are examining your pieces.

Moissanite is durable, but it still isn't as hard as a diamond, which means that you will need to be careful with your moissanite jewelry. Finally, there is the stigma that can be attached to "fake" diamonds. Although moissanite is genuine, the wedding industry would have you believe that diamonds are the only acceptable symbol of love. It's becoming more and more common for couples to buck this trend, since purchasing moissanite can mean getting more glitter for their money, but it's important that, if you're planning to propose with a moissanite ring, you clarify your sweetie's feelings on the matter first. Before you discard the dream of being able to afford fashionable, elegant jewelry without going broke, consider moissanite. You may just find that it is the answer to all your fashion needs.

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