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Is Your Oily Hair Driving You Crazy

So, you have oily hair, do you wonder what you are doing wrong? Have you heard that it is a hygiene issue and tried to resolve it by shampooing more frequently or with harsh shampoos? If you think that the shampoos you are buying in your local discount store are not harsh, you should think again. Most of these shampoos are not pH balanced, which makes it harder for your skin to restore its natural balance after cleansing. Not only that, the shampoos for oily hair that you get in this type of store are usually quite harsh, stripping your hair and scalp of essential natural oils. To resolve oily hair, it is actually necessary to leave some of the oils.

Without this natural moisture, your scalp (like the rest of your skin) will over-produce sebum (oil) in an attempt to restore the moisture. Most people who have oily skin also have oily hair; teens are also particularly susceptible to oily hair and skin because of the rapid change in hormone levels. Fine haired people are also susceptible to oily hair because the diameter of each hair is much smaller so there is not as much of each hair to absorb the oil. Genetics often play a part in whether or not you have oily hair. You need to address your oily hair from a different angle. An angle that is much the opposite of the marketing and myths you hear regularly.

First, you need to keep the above things in mind and understand that your oily hair is usually not your fault, I have to say usually because I cannot say that you are actually shampooing your hair and practicing general personal hygiene; if you are not, this should be your first step in controlling your oily hair. However, the vast majority of people with oily hair do practice daily personal hygiene. I cannot stress the importance of using a quality, professional shampoo which is pH balanced (preferably organic). You will probably get better results by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner than you will otherwise.

At the very least, choose a shampoo for normal hair; this is not hard when you are using professional products because they very seldom market a shampoo for oily hair. Okay, now that you understand the importance of good shampoo, you will need to purchase some magnesium sulfide. This natural mineral is being marketed worldwide under the name Epsom Salt.

Pour cup of your shampoo into bowl. Now add 4 teaspoons of Epsom Salt to the shampoo and stir well. You will notice that the Epsom salt dissolves very quickly. Pour the mixture into a plastic bottle that has a sealable lid and you are ready to go! Shampoo with this, rather than straight shampoo. You can double the recipe if you would like, so that you do not have to make it as often. When you shampoo your hair (with any shampoo) you need to remember to rinse very well.

When the detergent in shampoo is left on skin or scalp, it has a drying effect which takes you back to the vicious cycle of your body over producing oil to replace the lost moisture. Rinsing well should be a habit in your personal hygiene ritual. Another habit you need to start is conditioning only the ends of your hair which gives added moisture to the part of your hair with the least amount of moisture. Again, this will help your skin to begin regulation of oil production because it will not be compensating for dryness. The magnesium sulfide, or Epsom Salt, in the shampoo gently removes excess oil and toxins from the scalp, encouraging a balanced, healthy scalp. If you are leery about the moisturizing shampoo or the magnesium sulfide, test the concept on your face.

Use a moisturizing organic cleanser which is pH balanced and add Epsom Salt to it in the palm of your hand; let the Epsom Salt dissolve. Massage the mixture over your entire face and rinse very well. You will find that your skin feels great and is less oily for much longer.

It works the same way for your head because your scalp is simply another part of your skin.

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