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How To Turn Combination Skin Into Beautiful Skin

Women today are busy, living complicated lives. One thing that shouldn't be complicated is your skin. Your skin has a natural glow to it that is often hindered by combination skin.

Combination skin refers to that with some oily patches and other dry patches. All women will experience combination skin at some point in their lives. With some love and care and a few beauty tips you can show off that beautiful face everyday! Do I Have Combination Skin? One way to tell if you have this type is if your face feels tight or dry after a shower. Other signs of this include: Your skin feels rough or flaky and/or has a dull appearance.

Other areas of your face may be shiny or feel greasy. This is especially common in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and cheeks). You make have blackheads, pimples or other bumps. How Do I Care For Combination Skin? Once you are aware of your skin-type you can follow some simple steps to get that beautiful, healthy skin back. The most important thing to do for your face is cleansing. Look for products for use on your skin type and cleanse twice a day.

Always use extra care to have clean skin when you go to bed. Moisturize the dry parts of your face, paying extra care to flaky areas. Try to keep moisturizer off oily patches.

It is important to balance or naturalize as much as possible. Find a vitamin A product that has alpha hydroxyl acids such as in retinol. Use a toner daily but steer clear of alcohol as it can be very damaging. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

It is true, you are what you eat! Your skin needs the vitamins! Water will help keep your skin moisturized from the inside out and helps remove impurities. Use make-up with oil absorbing properties, and oil free. Always remove all make-up before going to bed! Sunscreen!!! The sun's UV rays will age you prematurely and cause combination skin-types to worsen.

Always apply sunscreen year around. Combination is a very common problem but it is not too difficult to manage. You may have to spend a little extra time finding the right facial products that will work for you but in the end your face will thank you. With a little extra care your combination skin will restore the natural healthy glow and bring out the beautiful women inside!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Beauty and Makeup Supplies at

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