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How To Style Hair For The Ultimate look

In today's fast moving world, many more women are buying hair straighteners to style their own hair instead of going to a hairdresser, which is very time consuming and costly. There are numerous benefits of owning a hair straightener . They are very handy and you can take them just about anywhere which is great for when you're on vacation, just plug them in and you're away. Hair straighteners are also extremely cost effective.

In the long term you can save a small fortune by styling your own hair instead of continual visits to the hairdressers. Another definite benefit is the fact that if you operate them on a regular basis and correctly it will actually improve your hair. The majority of the hair straighteners on the market guarantee women perfectly straight hair. However, to pull off that perfect style as if it was done by a professional hairdresser you need to follow some basic steps.

Never do your hair in a hurry, hair straightening is time-consuming and should be carried out in a relaxed manner. Do small areas of hair at a time, as this will really be useful at a later period. Use superior quality hair irons as they will ensure better results and help maintain your hair straighter for longer.

Useful tips include styling your hair when the weather is fine. poor weather conditions like wind, rain or humidity can have a negative affect on your hair, which will make it harder to retain your style. When you shower or bathe, try not to shampoo your hair too often, but when you do make sure you use shampoos and conditioners that are intended for straight hair. Wet hair is extremely delicate so ensure that you dry your hair with a soft towel or hair dryer remembering not to dry upwards, which may cause excessive volume. It is important that your hair is dry before you use your straighteners.

Excessive heat applications are bad for your hair, so it is vital to set the correct temperature for your hair type to help make your hair smoother and softer. Genuine ceramic and tourmaline coated straighteners will help you acquire this. These materials generate negative ions that when heated, cancel out the natural positive charges of the hair.

It is the positive charges that make your hair dry and awkward to style the way you want. When you have finished using your hair straighteners, apply a good quality straightening serum or a heat protecting spray. This will help keep your hair straight for up to four days.

Bear in mind however, when you wash your hair you may need to repeat the same procedure. Avoid brushing your hair on a regular basis, as it tends to make your hair more greasy and try not to tie up your hair for lengthy period of time as this can ruin the straight look you're trying to obtain. Finally, always keep a can of good quality hairspray with you which can help keep your hair straight for extended periods of time.

Helen is a occassional commentator who writes occasional articles on beauty and hair care issues, whilst working on Pink hair straighteners on behalf of

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