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Fighting Cellulite With Aromatherapy

In today's world, fashion means everything. Many women are living lives that promote health and beauty. They get plenty of sleep every night, eat right, and get plenty of exercise. However, they are still plagued with unsightly cellulite.

Underlying layers of fat that appears as dimpled skin causes cellulite. Some people refer to Cellulite as "Cottage Cheese" or "Orange Peel" skin due to its appearance. It is said that nearly 95% of all women have some degree of Cellulite, and scientists believe that hormones attribute to the cause of Cellulite. It isn't a result of being overweight, but the effect that hormones are having on the layer of fat under the skin.

That is why some very thin people may still have some degree of Cellulite. The most effective method that has been shown to help Cellulite is exercise. It is also beneficial to treat Cellulite as you would any other toxins in the body. Purifying and detoxifying the body is very helpful, as is periodically fasting and cleansing the body. Living a life that includes regular daily exercise and a nutrition-rich diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables also help. One area that cannot be overlooked is water.

Your water intake can play a very important role in the treatment of Cellulite. Drinking plenty of water will help flush out the system and will help release Cellulite once it has been broken down by the body and be eliminated properly. Cellulite can have a very devastating effect upon self-esteem. This can be especially true for women who are dedicating themselves to maintaining their personal appearance and standards of beauty. It can be increasingly frustrating to deal with stubborn Cellulite that seems to be fighting all efforts of its removal. The important step in the treatment of Cellulite will be in patience.

You will find that you need to stick with your plan, continue exercising, and be diligent in your fight against Cellulite. There are some great herbs and plants that can assist you in your quest to rid yourself of Cellulite. These herbs help to break down fat deposits in the body, and will also help to eliminate them.

Remember that drinking plenty of water is vital to flushing out the system and removing impurities, so whenever you are on a treatment against Cellulite, increase your daily water intake for maximum results. Using herbal essential oils in massage oils is a great way to treat Cellulite and to help encourage it to break down. Grapefruit has also been shown to be effective in increasing metabolism and assisting in the removal of fat as well as in releasing toxins.

Adding grapefruits to your diet is a good step as well as drinking pure grapefruit juice. You can make great massage oil that is applied directly to the Cellulite areas by using 4 drops of Juniper, 4 drops of Sweet Fennel, and 2 drops of Cypress. Blend this with one ounce of carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil. Deep massage techniques are beneficial for breaking down the fat and smoothing the skin.

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