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Boil and Bite tooth whitening kits

Boil and bite home tooth whitening kits are called so because of the mouthpiece that is used in the whitening process. The U shaped mouthpiece is composed of a safe heat and pressure mouldable thermoplastic, similar to sports mouth guards. The trays are moulded by placing them in to hot water for a few seconds until pliable, the mouthpiece is then placed in to the mouth and the wearer sucks the air out while slightly biting down on the tray in order to create an impression of the teeth. Before doing this it is recommended to rinse the mouth out with warm water to acclimatize the teeth to the heat.

Individual trays are moulded for both the upper and lower teeth in the same method. The tray should be a tight but comfortable fit and any excess plastic can easily be trimmed off with scissors. The moulded whitening tray then matching the person's teeth is then coated with a special bleaching gel containing carbamide peroxide and inserted back in to the mouth so the gel comes in contact with the teeth. The active ingredient hydrogen peroxide then starts to do its work. Dental strength whitening gel normally contains a mix of between 10% to 23% carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide, which is an oxidising agent that releases tiny oxygen bubbles, these tiny bubble then enter the tooth's enamel to oxidise any stains.

This does not damage or alter the structure of the tooth's enamel. The whitening gel does not affect any fillings, bonding or bridges etc. The process can take a few weeks of wearing tray in place with a low concentration of the gel for several hours a day. During the whitening process it is recommended that you steer clear of any food or drink that would routinely stain your teeth such as: Tea, coffee, red wine's or smoking.

Boil and bite trays are normally used for a few reasons; firstly it is a cheaper solution than visiting the dentist and getting an individual custom tray made. They are also disposable and new trays are widely available to buy.

The author suggests the following if you want to find out more about whitening for teeth or if your in the UK then this is the best teeth whitening kit. Please keep the links operational when publishing this article.

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