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Toronto Jewellers - FIND THE BEST JEWELRY AT TORONTO JEWELLERS Toronto Jewelers was established in 1973, by Paul Ward.

Buying and Caring for Gold Jewelry Some Tips and Tricks - Do you want a new, special piece of gold jewelry? Find out what to look for and, when you've bought your ideal item, how to keep it that as new condition.

Red Hot Tips To Bag The Latest Bargains - Learn how to bag the latest designer wear at the sales and avoid the mad rush for the last minute bargains.

Beading Clasp Threading - Ever struggle with threading a clasp on a new bead design? See this easy to follow threading guide and many new beading articles by the expert beading gals at Silver Rose Beads.

Diamond Colors And How To Determine Them - Most transparent minerals have, when pure, no color.

Is Now The Time to Sell My Gold Jewelry - Is now the time to cash in my gold jewelry, or will the cash value of my unwanted gold jewelry collection rise dramatically in the near future?.

Beyond Bra Fit - Bra fit is just one aspect of getting the right bra.

Fullyloaded and Stylish Casio Watches - Casio is known as a trailblazer in the watch industry.

Finding Beautiful Examples of Tiffany Jewelry - You can buy customized jewelry pretty easily, however there is something much more special when you buy designer jewelry.

Does The Price Of Your Perfume Add Up To Health Issues - Almost everything made today includes some kind of fragrance.

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